My apologies! I have been out of touch.

Dear readers,

Greetings after a year!

Yes, I am guilty of neglecting my blog, but let me fill you in:

After my last blog post in July, I got busy with academic research. I worked with an amazing colleague and we produced some scholarship in the field of media studies. Post that, I have been fully engaged with academia at The Graduate School of Journalism at The University of British Columbia.

In short, my priorities changed. As I always say, we are never busy, we just put certain things on top of our priority list and the rest slide down, like my blog.

I still have academic research on top of my priority list, but at this stage, with a bit of reshuffle, my blog has climbed up the priority list; I will try and blog at least once a month.

Thanks to all of you who inquired where I had disappeared and expressed interest in reading my next post. I am posting one on Yoga after this.

Some additional news:

Both my children are now in full-time school, putting our household on a strict school routine. I like it, as it has allowed me more time and space to work from home.

And this summer our family of four travelled to the South of India, Kerala to be specific. Growing up in the North of India, the South always fascinated me, but I couldn’t travel when I lived in India. And it didn’t disappoint. It was an exciting journey and an amazing experience. I will try and share some experiences in the future posts.

Also, just updated my blog’s “About” section if you want to go through that. Next on my priority list: updating my website –

In closing, this blog has been a great platform for me to connect with people with similar interests, and listen to perspectives of people who vehemently oppose mine. Overall, it has been a rich journey and I hope I am able to continue it with your support and interaction.

Have a great day, evening or night, wherever you may be reading this from.

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3 replies

  1. Good to hear from you and will read the research– soon.

  2. Welcome back! So good to hear about all of you. Look forward to your posts. Hope all is well!

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