Migrant Tales

An email from Finland touched me today. The editor of “Migrant Tales” blog asked for permission to repost my blog entry, “If you are not White, you are not-Canadian-enough“. I hadn’t heard of Migrant Tales before this. I looked at their website and this is how they describe themselves:

Migrant Tales is a blog community that debates some of the salient issues facing immigrants and minorities in Finland. It aims to be a voice for those whose views and situation are understood poorly and heard faintly by the media, politicians and public.

The editor of Migrant Tales is Enrique Tessieri together with associate editors Mark, JusticeDemon, Peter of Finland,  Susannah and Sasu.

All of the associate editors have pseudonyms in order to protect them as well as their families from harassment by people who would like to shut us up. This is how bad the situation has become in Finland for those that speak out against racism, xenophobia and social exclusion. We are, however, confident that matters will improve.

Pseudonyms? How blessed we are to be Canadians! Click here to follow my posting on Migrant Tales. They reposted it because they say the issues I touched upon are quite topical in Finland today. Here’s hoping for more tolerance, understanding and harmony!

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